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All items come from a smoke-free home with two cats
(who are kept well away from the for-sale items).
All prices are in USD and DO NOT include shipping.
Please see here for my selling information (shipping, payment, etc.)

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Full Costumes/Cosplays (Adult Sizes)

RahXephon: Haruka Shitow $20
Status: Worn Once, Excellent Condition
Size: Women's Large

Outfit includes capri pants, black cami, salmon pink shirt,
yellow headband, earrings, and belt (not pictured).
Earrings and belt are hand-made for the cosplay;
other pieces all came from Target. :)

Full Costumes/Cosplays (Child Sizes)

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Cloud $10
Status: Used twice

Known as "Chibi Cloud", this costume
was worn only a few times by my son
when he was four or so.
Included are pants (size ), shoes (size ),
a modified sweater (size ),
simulated glove-sleeve, child-sized sunglasses,
and strap-on side-skirt and shoulder armor
(with authentic metal Cloudy Wolf pin).
(Probably not safe to let a kid chew on the pin.)


Kingdom Hearts II: Organization XIII Coat - $15
Status: Worn several times
Size: 3-4 (approximate)

Custom developed pattern, quick prototype construction
that ended up being worn for a few rounds of trick-or-treat
and an afternoon at an anime convention.

Renaissance Boy $25
Status: Worn Once
Size: 3-4 (approximate)

Shirt, Long Vest w/Pleats,
and Hat w/feathers,
hand-made by myself for
my son.
Suitable for wearing to
the Renfaire, or anywhere
else a prince or middle
class to wealthy boy of
the time period is required.


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Loz - $10
Status: Unworn, needs completion

Kingdom Hearts II: Demyx - $15
Status: New & Unworn, almost complete


Firey Body Jewel - $5
Status: entirely new and unused

Peel and stick, re-usable w/false
eyelash adhesive, spirit gum, etc.
Suitable for arm, shoulder, back, etc.
Excellent for a djinn/geanie or fairy costume!
Cost $15 when I got it.

Black Sleeveless Turtlenecks $3/each
Status: New & Unworn

A basic piece for
so, so many cosplays